OS: Efstathios Deligeorgopoulos Evaluation of Proactive Secret Sharing for Long-Term Secure Storage

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Start date:26. April 2018
Start time:11:00 Uhr
End time:12:00 Uhr
Organizer:Prof. Johannes Buchmann / Dr. Moritz Horsch
Speaker:Efstathios Deligeorgopoulos
Location:S2 02 | B002


Long-Term Secure Storage is a challenging area with a lot of real world applications. This thesis looks into the subject of long-term secure storage in the form of information theoretically secure secret sharing. A variety of secret sharing schemes is described and then implemented. These implementations are combined into a secret sharing testing platform. This platform is then used as the basis of extensive testing in order to specify the value and suitability of each scheme for long term storage purposes. The conclusions of the thesis show that secret sharing can be used as a viable solution to long-term secure storage. There are however special limitations and considerations that must be taken into account in order for an efficient solution to be realized.

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