• HiWi: Implementation of cryptographic schemes and protocols

  • The company FlexSecure GmbH is an established software house in Germany and has been developing IT high-security solutions for fourteen years e.g. for Public Key Infrastructures.

    Key areas are electronic signatures, cryptography in general and security analysis of processes and solutions. FlexSecure works closely with the Department of Cryptography and Computational Algebra (Faculty of Informatics) of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

    Among the reference customers are for example BSI (German Office for Information Security), BNetzA (Federal Network Agency), DGN Service GmbH (German Health Network), ZDF and the Computing Center of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

    New strategic development areas are secure key management solutions for several applications and fields (medical technology, automotive, logistics, test result acquisition, locking systems) in machine-to-machine scenarios and mobile solutions as well as simple and secure communication also in heterogeneous user groups.
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